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Dry Spices and Rubs

Jaba Foods will start listing our selections of Spices and Rubs on our site.

You will find only the freshest of ingredients that we have shopped the world to obtain for you.

Spices are an extremely healthy way to make food flavorful! This is because pure spices do not contain so many of the common enemies to a healthy lifestyle. Spices contain no fat or sugar and an insignificant amount of calories. 

It is not only about what spices don’t have, but what they do have. Many spices contain antioxidants, a powerful disease fighter. Spices are believed to help fight diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and Alzheimers. Beyond serious diseases, spices help fight less serious aliments such as the common cold and an upset stomach.

If there is somethign that you like let us know... if we don't have it... WE'LL GET IT!!!